Sacramento History Alliance

Sacramento History Alliance 2015


About the Sacramento History Alliance

The Sacramento History Alliance (SHA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to making Sacramento’s history accessible to all.  In partnership with the City and County of Sacramento, SHA operates the Sacramento History Museum, creates interpretive programs in Old Sacramento, and supports programs, events, and collections care at the Center for Sacramento History.


We encourage people to explore our shared history through exhibitions, education and programs, while supporting collections, preservation and partnerships.


We inspire and connect people through history.


Authenticity, Accuracy, Inclusiveness, Excellence, Innovation

Board of Directors

Bob Ceccato, Co-Chairman
John Hendricks, Co-Chairman
Bill Badham, Vice Chairman
Johan Otto, Treasurer

Annette Kassis
Dr. Bob LaPerriere
Maurice Read
Clarence Caesar
Michael Dunlavey
Councilmember Steve Hansen
Arthur Bauer
Jody Ulich
Karen French

Bruce Marwick
Mike Cattuzzo

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