Mómtim Péwinan


The Sacramento History Museum, in Old Sacramento State Historic Park is proud to debut a newly created exhibit titled Mómtim Péwinan, River People, curated by the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Exhibits & Collections Center.  Displaying permanently on the Museum’s third floor in the Community Gallery, it features items specifically made for this exhibit including four full-sized mannequins dressed in seasonal attire – plus regalia, tools, instruments, and games, created by today’s tribal artisans using techniques and knowledge of their ancestors.


Attire Slide 1
ceremonial headpiece Slide 2
children fire Slide 3
obsideon picks Slide 4


The Sacramento History Museum stands on Nisenan land, in Nísem Péwinan territory, where many of the materials in this exhibit were gathered. The artwork and elements in the new exhibit combine research and inspiration, showcasing the artful innovations of the makers, who hail from numerous tribal communities throughout the region. Though all these families uphold their own distinct traditions, languages, and cultures, they utilize many of the same natural materials found in the Central California landscape.



The community is encouraged to explore and learn about contemporary Nisenan culture and how today’s artists and culture bearers maintain the old ways through the practice of Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Sharing this continued resourcefulness is a way to provide museum visitors with a well-rounded view of tribal cultural resilience and enduring values.