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The Sacramento History Museum offers a variety of educational programs for field trips.  All programming adheres to California Curriculum Standards.  Pricing and general field trip information has been updated, so please view our 2017-2018 Education Programs Brochure.      

We will begin processing field trips for the 2018-2019 school year in August. 


Due to the physical layout of the museum, indoor programs can accommodate a maximum of 35 people (students, teachers, chaperones) at a time. 

Each Underground Tour and Gold Fever! Tour can only accommodate 25 people (students, teachers, chaperones) total at a time.

Large groups can be accommodated by scheduling multiple tours or by rotating students through programs.


Have questions?

Please contact Zoey Jennings, the Education and Interpretive Programs Coordinator, at 916-808-6896, or at


Ready to schedule your Field Trip?

Download our Field Trip Request Form!  Please note that you can type directly into the Word Document.  We are fully booked for the month of May.  No additional field trips will be booked for this month. 

The Sacramento History Alliance also provides scholarships to low income and Title 1 schools.  At this time we have given out all of our field trip scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year.  


Please send completed forms to Zoey Jennings, the Education and Interpretive Programs Coordinator at

You can also fax in completed forms to 916-808-5100, or mail them to 101 I Street Sacramento, CA 95814.







A History Mystery!: May Woolsey's Trunk ( 1 hour)

How do historians use artifacts to decode the past?  Open a Victorian-era trunk filled with clues that tell the story of a twelve year old Sacramento girl that lived in the late 1800s.



The Agriculture Program (1 hour)

Agriculture, California’s true gold!  In this program students will participate in hands-on activities to learn about the components of agriculture, and how agriculture has shaped California’s past and present.



The Nisenan Program (1 hour)

Explore the culture and society of the earliest inhabitants of the Sacramento area, the Nisenan!   Students will become cultural anthropologists as they interact with artifacts of the Nisenan.


The Gold Rush Program (1.5 hour)

This extremely popular program leads students on a journey through the California Gold Rush.  Students visit several museum galleries, including our historic print shop, and learn how the California Gold Rush began, the importance of newspapers during this era, and gold mining techniques. The programs ends with our Gold Panning program.

Winner of the 2014 Achievement in Education by the Sacramento County Historical Society




Head West (1 hour)

Why did thousands of pioneers risk their lives to make the journey to California?  Through stories and hands-on artifacts, students will learn about life on the overland trails, and then go on their own westward trek through our interactive adventure game!

Winner of the 2013 Oregon-California Trails Association Award



Anchors Away (1 hour)

Experience our docent led interactive presentation about sea travel to the Western United States.   Then students will go on their own sea voyage using our interactive adventure game!  



Museum Scavenger Hunt (1 hour)

On this scavenger hunt students are placed into groups with a chaperone, and work together to analyze clues which lead them on a fun interactive tour of the museum’s exhibits and artifacts. All materials are provided.


4th- 12th

Guided Museum Tour (1 hour)

See the museum’s exhibits through the eyes of our docents! During this program students will receive insights into the themes and artifacts of our museum.



Historic Print Shop (30 minutes)

Visit our historic Print Shop for a docent-led demonstration on newspaper publication.   See how newspapers were produced on our operational 1850s era hand press.




Gold Panning! (30 minutes)

Thirty minutes of pure Gold!!!  In this hands-on program students will learn how to pan for precious metals, minerals, and real gold in our panning troughs. Plastic vials for treasures will be provided.

*Please note, gold panning is for students only.


Old Sacramento Scavenger Hunt (1 hour)

Learn the history of the Old Sacramento district! On this scavenger hunt students are placed into groups with a chaperone, and work together to analyze clues to find historical landmarks, buildings and markers in Old Sacramento.  All materials are provided. This program can accommodate a maximum of 50 people.


3rd- 12th

Old Sacramento Underground Tour (1 hour)

Come see and learn how Sacramento lifted itself up out of the flood waters during the 1860s and 1870s!  Students explore two spaces that were created by the city’s successful raising process.  Explore how the streets and buildings were “Jacked Up” to avoid further flooding.

One hour tour.  Students must be 3rd grade and above to participate.

Tours can accommodate a maximum of 25 people per tour, including both students and adults.

Students: $5 each; Teachers: Free; 1 free chaperone per 8 students; Additional chaperones: $10 each

4th -8th

The Gold Fever! Tour (1 hour)

It is the 1850s! Your miners (students) have earned a great deal of money in the foothills.  Today they’ve come to Sacramento City to resupply. Early Sacramento citizens in period dress will lead your class around Old Sac and tell you about everyday life, and where to purchase supplies. Students will be required to perform basic math calculations.


Tours can accommodate a maximum of 25 people per tour, including both students and adults.


OUTREACH: History in the Classroom

We can bring our educational programs to you! Each presentation is one hour in length and is adapted to a classroom format. Outreach programs employ similar hands-on activities, artifacts and curriculum as our traditional museum programming. Each program is 1 hour and is designed to accommodate a maximum of 35 students.

We offer the following programs in an outreach format:

  • May Woolsey’s Trunk
  • Nisenan – California Indians of the Sacramento Region
  • The Gold Rush
  • Head West
  • Anchors Away
  • California’s Agriculture

For program information, please read program descriptions under Museum Programs at the top of this page.

Outreach Pricing
One Presentation: $200; Each additional presentation: $50; Mileage outside of city of Sacramento: Varies

Zoey Jennings
Educational & Interpretive Programs Assistant
(916) 808-6896

Me’Lisa James
Educational & Interpretive Programs Manager
(916) 808-4980