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Our Sacramento History Museum Programs offer a variety of educational programs for field trips.  All programming adheres to California Curriculum Standards.   You may download a Field Trip Request Form here. Please note that you can type directly into the Word Document.

The Sacramento History Alliance also provides scholarships to low income and Title 1 schools. Download our Scholarship Request Form

Please note that you can type directly into the Word Documents. 

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Museum programs are 30 minutes to 90 minutes long and take place at the Sacramento History Museum. Each program can accommodate up to 35 people.



90-minute programs – includes 30 minutes of gold panning, cannot exceed 35 people per program.




Print Shop and Gold Panning – 30-minute programs – Print Shop and Gold Panning

Print Shopcannot exceed 35 people per program

Gold Panning – for Students only – cannot exceed 50 students per program

Please note, museum admission is not included in field trip prices.


Educational Programs listed by appropriate grade levels:

1st – 2nd grades

History Mystery! May Woolsey’s Trunk

Uncover one of Sacramento’s greatest mysteries: The trunk of a 12 year-old girl discovered over 100 years after it was first hidden. Students will decode the past using clues from the trunk May Woolsey left behind. 1 hour


California’s Agri-CULTURE

Agriculture, California’s true gold! Find out how food, farming, and fields helped shape California culture and spread beyond our state lines to the nation and world. 1 hour


3rd – 4th grades

Nisenan: California Indians of the Sacramento Region

Who were the first people to live in the Sacramento Region and how did they live? In this program, students will get to explore the culture and society of the earliest inhabitants of the Sacramento area, the Nisenan. 1 hour


The Gold Rush

This extremely popular program leads students on a journey through the California Gold Rush. Students visit several museum galleries, including our historic print shop, and learn how the California Gold Rush began, the importance of newspapers during this era, and gold mining techniques. The programs ends with our Gold Panning program. 1.5 hours


Head West

Why did thousands of pioneers risk their lives to make the journey to the western frontier? Students learn about life on the overland trails and embark on their own journey to California, Oregon, or Santa Fe. 1 hour


5th – 7th grades

Anchors Away

From sea to shining sea, travelers turned to ship travel during the Gold Rush for a fast but perilous journey to the gold fields. After learning what seafarers needed for safe travel, students will test their fates by embarking on their own sea voyages using our interactive adventure game!  1 hour


K – 12

Museum Scavenger Hunt

The Museum has hundreds of historic artifacts that tell the story of Sacramento’s history. You may be surprised by what you discover! Students move through the Museum exploring new places and learning new things with a scavenger hunt they get to take home. 1 hour


Guided Museum Tour

See the Museum and exhibits through the eyes of our docents! This program offers an in-depth look at artifacts and stories told in our Museum. 1 hour


Old Sacramento Scavenger Hunt

Follow the clues and learn the history of the Old Sacramento district! On this scavenger hunt, students work in teams with a chaperone to discover historical landmarks, buildings, and markers that make Old Sacramento special. This program can accommodate up to 50 people. 1 hour



Pan for Gold

Thirty minutes of pure gold! Students will pan for precious metals, minerals, and real gold in our panning troughs. Plastic vials are included to hold the students’ treasures. 30 minutes


Historic Print Shop

What’s black and white and read all over? Newspapers from our historic print shop, of course! Visit the Print Shop for a demonstration on newspaper publication during the Gold Rush! 30 minutes





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Please contact Zoey Jennings, the Education and Interpretive Programs Manager, at 916-808-6896, or at


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The Sacramento History Alliance also provides scholarships to low income and Title 1 schools. Download our Scholarship Request Form.

Please send completed forms to Zoey Jennings, the Education and Interpretive Programs Manager at Please attach document as a PDF or Word file.

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