After School Programs

The Time-Travel Hour!

After-School Program with the Sacramento History Museum 

Time Travel Hour! Is a 1 hour after-school program offered on Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 4pm. Time Travel Hour! is meant to have a combination of history and art to engage and entertain children for an hour at the end of the day. We will provide a list of materials children need for the crafts each day. Generally, the materials will be items found in your homes or worksheets that the museum will provide.

The cost is $15 per week for Non-Members, and $10 per week for Museum Members. There will be discounts for signing up for multiple weeks. For all 6 weeks the cost is $80 for Non-Members, and $55 for Members.

Week 1- October 20 and 22

Travel- This week we will discuss early travel, different routes, why people traveled, and how people came to California.

  • October 20-Travel by Wagon– We will talk about what it was like to travel by wagon, the different routes, what travelers faced, and we will finish by making their own wagon.
  • Craft Supplies: 3 toilet paper rolls or box, paper, popsicle stick. Optional:  anything decorations for the wagon.
  • October 22- Travel by Sea– We will talk about travel by sea, the different routes, and the difficulties that travelers faced, finishing with making own paper boat.
  • Craft Supplies: Paper and tape. Optional: popsicle sticks to help boat float better



Week 2- October 27 and 29

 History Mystery- This week we will take a tour of the cemetery, learn about different symbols, and then focus on understanding the past through objects.

  • October 27-Cemetery Tour- We will discuss cemetery symbols, take a tour of the cemetery, and play symbol bingo.
  • Craft Supplies: Worksheets provided by the Museum, pencil.
  • October 29- History Mystery- We will explore the History Mystery trunk and discuss time capsules and make paper flowers.
  • Craft Supplies: Worksheet provided by the Museum, tissue paper, stapler or pipe cleaners, tape, and scissors.



Week 3- November 3 and 5

Day of the Dead- This week will focus on Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos.

  • November 3- Day of the Dead- We will discuss Day of the Dead and the traditions associated with it.
  • Craft Supplies: Packet provided by the Museum
  • November 5- Tour Old Sacramento– Staff will walk around Old Sacramento to look at the different Day of the Dead alters. Craft will be talking about making own alters and what to put in them.
  • Craft Supplies: Packet provided by the Museum, picture of loved one, tissue paper to make flowers, color pencils, crayons or markers, and anything would like to put in alter.



Week 4 -November 10 and 12

Communication- This week we will focus on communication. We will look at the print shop and codes.

  • November 10- Print Shop– Have a print shop demonstration, look at California in Print exhibit, then create stamp and illuminated letter.
  • Craft Supplies: Paper, coloring pencils, crayons, or markers, stamp supplies, foam stickers, or Styrofoam and sharp pencil.
  • November 12- Use of codes to Communicate– We will look at different codes to communicate.
  • Craft Supplies: Worksheet provided by the Museum, lemon juice and Q-Tip, white crayon, and pastel.



Week 5- November 17 and 19

Pastimes- We will look at different games, toys, and pastimes that children did during the Gold Rush.

  • November 17- Games- Show different Gold Rush Era games that children would have played and make a paper shut the box
  • November 19- Crafts- We will look at different crafts and toys that would have been made for children in the Gold Rush Era such as cup & ball, Silhouettes, rag dolls.
  • Craft Supplies: paper cup or egg cartons, popsicle stick, string, bead, profile picture of them, black paper, second sheet of paper can be white or another color, fabric, string, scissors
  • Craft Supplies: Paper shut the box sheet, scissors


For more information, contact Zoey Jennings at For questions please call 916.808.6896.