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We bring the museum to your classroom!

Our Outreach Programs bring the Sacramento History Museum into your classroom! All programming adheres to California Curriculum Standards. You may download an  Outreach Request Form here. Please note that you can type directly into the Word Document.

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First presentation $200
Each additional presentation $50
Mileage – Variable
School must be within 25 mile radius of Sacramento History Museum.



Two Week Rental $50

Read to schedule the Traveling Trunk? Click here for Traveling Trunk form. Please note that you can type directly into the Word Document.



We bring our educational programs to you! Each presentation is 1-hour long and is adapted for a classroom format. Outreach programs bring artifacts and activities to the classroom designed to make history come to life anywhere. Programs can accommodate up to 35 students.


We offer these programs for outreach in your classrooms:

History Mystery! May Woolsey’s Trunk

Uncover one of Sacramento’s greatest mysteries: The trunk of a 12 year-old girl discovered over 100 years after it was first hidden. Students will decode the past using clues from the trunk.


Nisenan: California Indians of the Sacramento Region

Who were the first people to live in the Sacramento Region and how did they live? In this program, students will get to explore the culture and society of the earliest inhabitants of the Sacramento area, the Nisenan.


The Gold Rush

This extremely popular program leads students on a journey through the California Gold Rush. Students learn how the California Gold Rush began, the importance of newspapers during this era, and gold mining techniques.


Head West

Why did thousands of pioneers risk their lives to make the journey to the western frontier? Students learn about life on the overland trails and embark on their own journey to California, Oregon, or Santa Fe.


Anchors Away

From sea to shining sea, travelers turned to ship travel during the Gold Rush for a fast but perilous journey to the gold fields. After learning what seafarers needed for safe travel, students will test their fates by embarking on their own sea voyages using our interactive adventure game!



Agriculture, California’s true gold! Find out how food, farming, and fields helped shape California culture and spread beyond our state lines to the nation and world.


Traveling Trunk

Educators can now rent the Traveling Trunk, complete with easily adaptable lesson plans about the California Gold Rush. The trunk contains primary sources, historic artifacts, costumes and activities that will bring history to life in your classroom.

You can rent The Traveling Trunk in two-week increments which allow you the freedom and flexibility to enhance your curriculum at your own pace.


Have questions?

Please contact Zoey Jennings, the Education and Interpretive Programs Coordinator, at 916-808-6896, or at zjennings@sachistorymuseum.org.


Ready to schedule your Outreach Program?

Download our Outreach Request Form! Please note that you can type directly into the Word Document.

Please send completed forms to Zoey Jennings, the Education and Interpretive Programs Coordinator at zjennings@sachistorymuseum.org. Please attach document as a PDF or Word file.

You can also fax in completed forms to 916-808-5100, or mail them to 101 I Street Sacramento, CA 95814.


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